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Lindsey's Review of Occasions By Annie

Annie was amazing!  She was supportive, very organized, helpful, and knowledgeable.  I felt confident in going to her with whatever needs I had.  As stressful as wedding planning can be, she always knew what to say or to send that thoughtful email that helped.  She was amazing at coordinating everything with vendors and making sure everything was ready for the big day.  Our wedding would have never been as amazing as it was without her.  She worked so hard to make our vision of the best wedding come to life at Strongwater.  Even with a last minute change due to weather she stayed cool and collected and our wedding was even more amazing then I could of imagined.  I am so thankful for Annie and ALL her amazing help! 


"Annie does a wonderful job making sure the big day goes smoothly and helps throughout the entire wedding planning process.  She kept me on track, coordinated with vendors, and gave me much needed advice.  I seriously do not know what I would have done without her during the wedding day.  She made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be, events happened when they were supposed to happen, and even decorated my venue!  It was a wonderful evening made possible by Annie."


Kristen's Review of Occasions By Annie
Emily's Review of Occasions By Annie

"Annie is an amazing wedding planner! Our original wedding planner moved out of state in the middle of the wedding planning process and Annie stepped in and did not miss a beat. Our wedding was at North Bank Park, which I highly suggest you hire a wedding planner or at minimum a day of planner for events at North Bank since they provide little onsite help. The day of our wedding (in May) turned out to be freezing cold and raining, Annie moved all of our outdoor seating inside seamlessly. I am so grateful I had Annie, she has excellent attention to detail, organizational skills and is easy to work with. Annie turned a potentially very stressful wedding day into an enjoyable day for everyone! I highly recommend Annie to anyone planning an event or wedding, we are so happy we hired her!"


"Annie is a pleasure to work with, she's fun and detail oriented. She's always on he ball and her events are always a blast!"

- Donnie Mossman,

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